Email your image and rainbow information to
rainbowsightings "at"

The Rainbow Sighting project aspires to create a digital photo archive documenting naturally occurring, outdoor rainbows. Participate in Rainbow Sightings by submitting digital images of rainbows you have seen.

Prepare your image according to the image format guidelines below.

Valuable information to include (if you have it!):

Image format guidelines:
Images may be formatted as jpg, jpeg, psd or gif.
Use the highest resolution


By submitting your image, you are granting permission for its inclusion in the Rainbow Sightings project. This includes use of the image itself and any information you submit along with it, in the online image archive and any future venues or formats.

If you submit your name with your image, full credit for your image will be given to you. Your name can be withheld if you prefer to remain anonymous.

Rainbow Sightings reserves the right to refuse submissions due to poor image quality or inappropriate content.